ADT Piping Solutions

A higher standard

ADT is a joint venture of two European companies: the Spanish Dagupesa and the Italian IRC have combined their passion and talent in order to provide a new service to the Iberic market and worldwide.

Our mission is to offer selected, certified and highquality products such as flanges, forged fittings, butt welding fittings, valves, as well as customized products for the projects of our international Customers.

We act not only as product suppliers, but also as strategic partners for our Customers, supporting them in new challenges.

We want to simplify the activities of our Customers

Thanks to the know-how acquired over the years and the highly specialized and skilled professional team, we are able to meet the market expectations and requirements. We are considered a strategic partner in the world of piping material supplies.

Our solid supplier relationships together with our management and traceability systems, allow us to reduce delivery time either in fast track supplies and for special projects, new installations and plant revamping.

In good hands

The care and dedication in the things we do every day allow us to offer products and services that always live up to expectations.

Quality products

We are able to supply materials that comply with EN, ASTM and ISO standards. Additional tests are performed upon request.

Health and safety

In accordance with IRC Group policy, our activities are managed in compliance with current regulations, in order that work activity is carried out in a healthy and safe environment.

Certified quality

ADT has obtained the ISO 9001:2015 Certification to guarantee the quality of the products and of the service offered.