Application sectors

A solution for every project


Our experience at your service

Our team is trained to support its customers in the realization of projects anywhere in the world, providing the most appropriate commercial and technical support.

Oil & Gas

Created for the Oil & Gas sector

Companies operating in the oil & gas field constantly strive to meet business and performance objectives. Constantly changing market dynamics and operational challenges can complicate these operations and it is precisely for this reason that the background of ADT staff, combined with IRC’s long lasting experience, makes the difference in the execution of projects without delays.


Safety and quality on board

Safety and quality on board are guaranteed by ADT’s collaboration with the major players in this sector: flanges, fittings and valves according to marine specifications are always available in our warehouse, with the aim of reducing delivery time and, consequently, shipbuilding and maintenance times in docks.

Civil and industrial plants

We connect cities and companies

ADT supplies complete packages of flanges, valves and fittings for the execution of projects in the following sectors: transport and water supply, district heating, gas distribution, fire-fighting and liquid filtration.

Chemical and Petrochemical

Selected products for critical working conditions

As for the Oil & Gas sector, the aim of the chemical and petrochemical projects is to minimize shut-down times during plant maintenance. For this reason, ADT has included in its catalogue those products and material grades that comply with the most common project specifications. Stock availability is always granted in order to let our customer save precious time.